Commercial Financing and Consulting Services Provider

Our History

Like any Great Company Manhattan Capital Equities had to evolve over the decades of being in the financial industry.

In 1999 when we first started in the business we were specialist in Home Foreclosures & filing Corporate Tax Filings for commercial clients. We specialized in saving our clients from losing their homes & businesses to foreclosure as well as increasing their bottom line on investments day to day business expenses. The two seemed to go hand in hand it worked out really well for us as a private company. In 2004 our CPA’s & Attorneys got together and made a significant discovery that all of our clients had in common which was credit card processing. All of our clients were paying really high credit card fees every single month. So we started negotiating with the processors & banks and realized that would could offer our clients a 30% to 40% reduction in rates monthly which would increase their bottom line at the same time we would be able to make money on residual income as this blossomed and we grew bigger and then in 2010 US Regulators caught on and required for the processing fees for Visa & MasterCard, Discover to reduce the bank fees being charged so as this industry caught up to our business model we had to evolve once again.

We realized that there was a serious gap in Commercial Financing some of the regulations that were passed to protect businesses from high credit card processing fees have destroyed commercial lending. Every client no matter how good their credit was or their bottom line, years in business all of them have issues with finding Money. No ability to expand just stuck in the same story day after day year after year. I would like to share some Good News!

We have mastered the financing industry!

Manhattan Capital Equities

Where financing is made easy! We specialize in New Construction Projects, Build-Outs, and Expansion of existing Companies with specialty financing for any loan type. No matter if you are a company with 10 or 20 years in the business or a startup building a Flagged Hotel. If you need to restructure 5 or 10 million in Bad Debt!

We can help!

Min $5 Million to unlimited amounts as long as the project values require the amount of investment.

Full Recourse.


Construction Loans with options for 30 year ammonization financing.

We also have SBA Lending if you are looking to secure smaller loan values with a secured monthly payment

Looking for a solid financing on Fix n Flips we can help!

Need a Term Loan?
Looking for a Line of Credit?
Or if you are just in a Cash Crunch and need some working Capital we can help!